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About The Blog

In all of the work that I do, I aim to inspire a love of the planet’s diverse cultures and environments. 

I want to use my platform to share stories from the field, highlight some of the planet's most remote places, and encourage others to get outside and go on their own adventures.


The content of this blog revolves around travel tips, gear lists and informative pieces about my life working as an expedition guide.


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Meet Alexandra

Hi! My name is Alexandra, and I am a full-time traveller. I was born in the US (California) and raised in Beijing, China and Singapore. My time spent growing up around the world instilled in me a passion for adventure and exploration. 

After completing my undergraduate degree at a small liberal arts school in Ohio, and a graduate program in Nanjing, China I took the opportunity of a lifetime.


I packed my bags, took a flight to South Africa and boarded an expedition set to sail to some of the world's most remote destinations. Aboard this ship, I trained to be an expedition guide, naturalist and lecturer. After 7 intense and exciting weeks, I was a fully-certified member of the crew. 

Since that embarkation day in Durban, I've spent the last 2 years working on all 7 continents. Along the way I've also become a certified Polar Guide, Zodiac Driver and Snorkel Instructor. 

My life is unpredictable, ever-changing and exciting. It's just the way I like it!

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